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Judging from our clinical team’s long experience, excessive extra weight is one of the biggest issues in the average American’s health mattters these days…

We ware determined to help you fix that for good and for a lasting effect!

At the Slim health center, we offer many different weight loss management plans, which include medication management, hCG diet and nutrition counseling provided by the best team of specialists. Each weight loss program is tailored to every patient’s individual needs, health metrics, issues, problems and goals to achieve.

Why should you choose The Slim Clinic for your weight loss venture?

We are treating your weight issues not as an isolated problem of its own, but rather as an interconnected complex, engaging all tools available to us and passed to you as our patients. 360 degree treatment from medication management to special diets, nutritional counseling and non-invasive, non- surgical cosmetic targeted stubborn fat removal by Coolsculpting.


That's how much lower our prices are, as opposed to other clinics


Success rate for our patients with excessive weight issues


Number of customers who refer their friends to our clinic

If you believe that weight loss requires self-deprivation, we’re going to teach you otherwise.

Dr. Magento