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We are at the forefront of innovation providing safe needleless alternatives to  injections and non-surgical face and body treatments.




Give shape and volume to your lips without the use of needles. This new treatment to the UK is now available in our Dorset Clinic. 


  • Fast, easy and safe
  • Virtually painless
  • Injection without needle reduces the risk of complications
  • Significant reduced swelling and bruising compared to using needles


A few questions answered.


Who is going to perform my treatment?


The treatment is performed by Pete Chell, who was one of the first practitioners in the UK to use the med-jet needleless  automated system on lips. This experience has allowed him to master the use of the  hyaluron pen for multiple uses, including lip fillers, face and body aesthetics.


How does the needle free system work?


The system works by using compressed air to project dermal filler through a small aperture into the lips. The lips are shaped and moulded to the requirements of the client by the practitioner.   


Is it painful and do I need to use local anaesthetic?


No local anaesthetic is required as there is very little discomfort. There is minimal swelling or bruising, hence the main advantage over using needles.


Are the results the same compared to using needles ?


There are no differences in the end results of  needle free lip fillers. In fact the results are better as you avoid the immediate swelling and potential bruising.


How much does it cost?


Treatments cost vary depending on amount and type of filler used, but start from £265 in our Dorset Clinic. 


"Been putting off having lips fillers because of the needles? Then we have a solution for you!"